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The Latest 2021 Travel and Outdoor Trends

While we are all hopeful that 2021 will bring a return to some semblance of ‘normal’ this year’s travel and outdoor trends certainly reflect our reality that pandemic life will be with us for some time longer. We find it useful to use the latest trend and behavior industry research as a platform to help shape story ideas and owned content to pique the interest of media and our clients’ key stakeholders. Here’s what we are watching so far this year: The Continued Rise of the Road Trip: Road trips have been a safer alternative for traveling during COVID-19. This trend is expected to continue throughout the summer as travelers will still feel safer traveling by car. All Skill Levels Enjoying the Outdoors: In 2020, people got outside in record numbers. According to SGB Media, outdoor industry executives believe that there will be a continuation of the rise in safe and socially-distanced activities like hiking, cycling and backcountry skiing. Additionally, sales in outdoor goods topped 200% in 2020 and many investors believe this growth and expansion of outdoor participation will continue into 2021and beyond. Reconnecting with Friends & Family: After missing holidays together, more than 31% of travelers plan to take a family vacation according to a Data Analysts survey. Aspirational Bucket List Adventures: The U.S. Travel Association reports more than half of Americans say they're looking to visit bucket list destinations this year when the time is right. Go Big with Longer Stays: A survey highlighted in Phocuswire found that 55% of travelers would travel for 14 days or more. In addition, the U.S. Travel Association reports Americans left 1/3 of their earned vacation days unused in 2020.

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