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5 Ways to Ease Back Into Work (And Life) Post-Pandemic

Pandemic life has been an enormous challenge for us all. As more and more people are vaccinated, life is slowly returning to a new ‘normal’ where we can give hugs to friends and family, go out to dinner, attend parties or weddings, travel, and perhaps later this year, attend more in-person business meetings and events. The excitement of a return to a form of pre-pandemic life is real! As you may recall, I wrote a newsletter at the end of 2020 pondering ways to hold onto certain aspects of pandemic life that have served me well. I wanted to expand on those thoughts and offer 5 tips to ease back into work and life post-pandemic.

To reiterate, it’s important to examine what business and personal aspects of pandemic life were positive and preserve those as we return to ‘normal’. For instance, from a business perspective throughout the pandemic, there have been many examples of companies adopting new and creative ways of doing business and operating more efficiently. In what ways have you operated more efficiently and creatively during the pandemic?

On the personal side, many people found solace in the stress of pandemic life by spending more time outdoors, exercising more, slowing down and enjoying more quality time with family. What personally gave you solace during the pandemic?

With additional demands on our time, what are the best pandemic practices to hold onto? Here are a few to consider:

1. Assess your schedule. Pre-pandemic, it was easy to over commit and stay busy all of the time. Examine what aspects of your schedule are essential and what activities provide you satisfaction and happiness. Let everything else go.

2. Schedule time for your well-being. Treat your daily exercise, time outdoors, walking your dog or other activities that promote your happiness like a meeting and block it into your schedule. Reserve this time for yourself as a daily practice like you would another appointment.

3. Allow downtime to foster creativity. I’ve always found that if I am fulfilled and rested personally, creativity and innovation in my business (and for my clients) comes easily versus when I’m overworked, over-scheduled and stressed.

4. Utilize Zoom. Zoom allowed all of us to connect and network with others we may have not seen face to face or tried to connect with on video before. The pandemic has opened doors to more people accepting video calls which could save on future travel or allow you to book appointments with important contacts out of state. Although, perhaps avoid scheduling yourself for all-day Zoom meetings to save sanity now!

5. Take it slow. The pandemic was a stressful experience and it’s okay to want more alone time now than before. Enjoy time by yourself and use it to recharge for improved well-being for your family, clients, business and yourself.

Returning to a new ‘normal’ is exciting, although making a conscious effort to reserve time for yourself and maintain practices to promote business and personal growth will make us all happier and more productive.


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