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Travel Trends You Need to Know

I know you're working on planning for 2018. Here are some of the latest travel trends I've been seeing for 2018. Developing story angles based on current trends and statistics has always been helpful for me in landing top media placements.

2018 Travel Trends

1. Skip-gen trips. Not all trips are multi-generational now. “Skip-gen” trips, are gaining popularity where grandparents take grandchildren on memorable vacations, leaving parents behind. 2. Working while on vacation trend continues. From millennials to baby boomers more and more people are taking longer vacations and will be working on their trip. Access to co-working spaces, ease of connectivity and options for longer stays are all important. 3. Breakup breaks. Life milestones like honeymoons, birthdays and anniversaries have traditionally been times that people have planned travel. Now, people are planning trips, especially wellness breaks, during times of grief, after a divorce, or when becoming empty nesters. 4. Sustainable Tourism. Now goes beyond the green footprint travelers make. Travelers are now embracing the protection of cultural and natural heritages along with social and economic benefits for local people in destinations throughout the world.

5. According to a recent study by Skift, The most important thing when planning travel: 65% of respondents said they wanted to come back and experience something new 35% said they wanted to come back feeling rested and re-charged.

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