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Communicating During Uncertain Times

The uncertainty of the coronavirus (COVID-19) puts many organizations in difficult positions. While there are many nuances and strategies to respond to different types of crisis situations here are a few simple pillars to abide by to help you through difficult and uncertain times. 1. Communicate. It’s important to communicate to your customers, guests, employees and everyone your organization reaches—including media if needed. Communicate what you know without disclosing sensitive information and update them as new information becomes available. Keeping people in the dark is not a successful way to handle uncertainty or a crisis. 2. Be Transparent. Don’t try to hide or cover anything up. The media or others will uncover the truth. Explain what you can without compromising any sensitive information. 3. People Are Your Priority. This should go without saying but in the midst of uncertainty and a crisis it’s important to remember the health, safety and well-being of all people and especially those involved in your organization whether it’s employees, guests, customers, etc. are always the highest priority. Period.

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