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Top 2024 Travel Trends You Need to Know

Staying on top of current trends that relate to our clients is key to developing successful story angles for media coverage. Here are some of the latest travel trends that stood out to us in 2024: 

According to Conde Nast Traveler in 2024, “Travelers will be putting what’s important to them front and center of their plans, valuing deeper experiences that leave a positive impact, time spent with loved ones, and wellness moments that last well after checkout.” Some additional highlights include: 

Astro Tourism: More travelers are looking to get out to remote locales with the goal to stargaze or witness cosmic events. One example upcoming is on April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Other trips travelers are looking for might be as easy as more remote camping trips, wellness retreats or stargazing sessions at resorts. 

Coolcationing and More Shoulder Season Travel: With summers getting hotter across the globe more people are shifting their travel plans and booking ‘coolcations’ in September and October or what has been the Northern Hemisphere’s traditional shoulder season. Booking data detailed in TourRadar’s 2023 organized adventure travel report showed these months replaced 2019’s peak departure period of June, July, and August. “Leisure travelers are continuing to shift the timing of their trips to coincide with cooler weather and better rates of the shoulder season, according to TourRadar’s booking data based on 50,000 active itineraries in over 160 countries.”

Slow Life Travel: A Pinterest Predicts report looked at planning activities of 482 million Pinterest users and says that people are planning trips that “take it extra slow” and allow for catching up on rest. Interest in these types of trips is up 60%, according to the survey and Travel Pulse reveals that more travelers are looking to immerse themselves in the destinations they visit rather than ticking off activities from a packed itinerary. 

Familiar Places in Unfamiliar Ways: While travelers will continue to plan visits to bucket list destinations they also want to experience tried and true destinations in new and unique ways. For example, people are looking for alternative hikes and cultural experiences that will show them a new side of a destination. 

What current trends resonate most with your brand or destination? Using current trends is often a great starting point to brainstorm new story angles that are relevant to your organization. 


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