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Top New Media Outlets That Deserve a Closer Look

The traditional media space has rapidly changed over the past several years and although it’s disappointing to see some of our favorite publications shut down as well as others close sections on travel and the outdoors, there's an abundance of new media outlets popping up and rising in popularity. See the chart below for the top 40 native digital news sites according to comScore that receive 10 million or more visitors per month. How many do you know? Although this is a mainstream news list, several of these outlets also cater to travel and outdoor readers.

In addition to the above outlets, there are also publications like Goop, Momondo, TripSavvy, SheKnows and airbnb magazine in the travel and lifestyle spaces as well as REI's blog, Liftopia, Gear Junkie, Red Bull Media House and the up and coming Rova Magazine for the outdoor industry and many others. There are real opportunities to spread the word about your organization and reach your audience in some of these outlets. Why not add a few to your media list?

Always Think Big,


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