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3 Tips to Bolster Your 2024 PR Efforts

With 2023 coming to a close, now is the time to review your overall PR efforts this year and build a comprehensive plan to achieve your PR goals in 2024. Here are few tips to help bolster your strategy for next year:

Conduct a SWOT Analysis: Review what PR efforts worked this year and what didn’t. What announcements were successful? What pitching efforts flopped? How can you refine your messaging, outreach and storytelling to resonate with the media and your key audiences?

Competitor Analysis: Research and review where your competitors were covered and identify gaps or new opportunities. What types of stories were your competitors included in? Are there new journalists or outlets you can reach? What storylines resonated with the media that you missed? Where can you enhance your outreach to fill these gaps?

Enhance Media Relationships: Follow journalists that you would like to cover your organization. Read and monitor what they are writing about and tailor your pitches accordingly. These efforts will greatly increase your chances of building a solid rapport with them.

By incorporating these tactics into your PR strategy for 2024 you’ll be able to create a solid foundation for success in the year to come.

If you need help or assistance in 2024 PR planning please get in touch at


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