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Five Ways to Raise Brand Awareness In Addition to Media Relations

It’s important for organizations to pursue additional avenues outside of media relations when aiming to increase brand awareness and stay top of mind with your customers and stakeholders. Here are a few strategies and tactics to consider adding to your overall PR and marketing efforts. 1. Thought Leadership: Promote your organization’s expertise and share your knowledge and insights through speaking engagements at conferences, industry panels, webinars or workshops. Also, offering experts in your organization to journalists as resources for future stories can enhance media relationships and create more coverage opportunities for your brand. LinkedIn is another great resource to professionally share leadership insights, opinions and articles with your executives’ and company’s networks.

2. Content Creation: Develop content valuable to your audience including blog posts, videos, case studies, etc. Share this content on social media channels, email newsletters, email signatures and on your website. Additionally developing articles for guest posts and opinion pieces for media outlets relevant to your audience is another opportunity to achieve media coverage for your brand.

3. Partnerships and Collaborations: Identify complementary organizations that share similar audiences and explore opportunities for collaborations including joint campaigns or co-hosted consumer or media events. By partnering with like-minded organizations you can leverage each brand’s existing networks and create campaigns and events that are more enticing to consumers or media to attend.

4. Community and Industry Events: Research opportunities to participate in events where your audience will be. Sponsor or host events, workshops, seminars, or webinars that align with your brand and provide educational and engaging opportunities for your audience to learn more about your organization and/or try your products.

5. Cause Marketing: Align your organization with a social, environmental or goodwill cause. Develop a partnership or company volunteer program with a non-profit and create a campaign while promoting your organization's mission. By engaging employees, customers, and stakeholders in these initiatives you can raise awareness for your organization while creating a positive social impact.

In addition to traditional PR and social media, a combination of these strategies tailored to your organization can help keep your brand top of mind with your target audience, customers and community. To learn more about how Think Big can help your business, I’d be happy to schedule a call or arrange an audit of your existing marketing mix. Please contact Kate at


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