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Top Travel and Outdoor Trends You Need to Know in 2020

As we enter the new decade, travelers are squeezing more in, becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, and seeking more meaningful experiences. Here are the trends we’ve been seeing for 2020:

More Frequent Travel (for a shorter time): The micro trip is not going away any time soon – in fact, travelers will vacation more frequently in 2020. Two or three day vacations are on the rise, especially among millennials, as travelers look to save time and money without sacrificing on experiences.

Travelers are now looking to neighboring drive-to cities they haven’t yet explored, or cities just a short flight away.

Digital Detox: Advancements in technology allow employees to be reached at all times, often infringing on time off. The importance of fully unplugging while on vacation is more important than ever. In 2020, the line between travel and wellness will continue to disappear – people will expect their travels to support a healthier and more mindful lifestyle.

Travelers will seek out unique experiences inclusive of things like retreats, meditation, spa treatments, healthy eating and outdoor activities that take them away from their screens and into nature.

CNBC suggests (and so do we!) that real, disconnected time off improves not only mental and physical health and well-being, but it also improves productivity and performance at work.

Second City Travel: Over-tourism came to our attention in 2019. Now, travelers are seeking out lesser-known cities and towns to avoid crowds and preserve precious landmarks. Second City Travel, or skipping out on a major city and visiting another city or town nearby, will benefit your wallet as well as your experience.

Sunset Magazine has done a great job of providing alternative locations to our favorite hotspots in the West – see here.

Stay and Play After Work: Have to travel for business? People are now extending their trip a few days to explore a new city. According to Forbes, bleisure travel is up 20% among travelers of all ages.

Staying an extra night or two will also allow you to get out of the city and explore the surrounding outdoors.

Coming to Denver for Outdoor Retailer? Stay the weekend and take the Ski Train to Winter Park, or take a day trip to a state park. You’ll see why we love it here!

Insta-Tourism: Okay, we know this goes against the trend to digitally detox, but travelers are using Instagram as a tool in every step of their trip – from seeking out where to go, planning what to do while they are there, and interacting with others in the same place.

Looking to take the perfect Instagrammable photo? Many cities offer a guide to the best photo opportunities – like this one from Boulder. We also love how they suggest Boulder-themed hashtags at the end of the article and encourage people to tag their account.

Always Think Big,

The Think Big Media PR Team

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