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2019 Travel Trends You Need To Know

Happy 2019! Here are some of the latest travel trends I’ve been seeing for 2019. Researching the latest trends and statistics has always been helpful for me in developing new story angles to land top media placements. 2019 Travel Trends 1. Winter Resort Travel On The Rise. More travelers are interested in booking winter-themed escapes for 2019, such as skiing, snowboarding, winter festivals and a ‘hygge’ type relaxing experiences of cozying up in resorts near snowy slopes in general. Think fireplaces, wood-lined rooms, wool blankets and saunas. 2. Green Travel. Travelers are continuing to get behind the 'go green' initiative. In 2019, people are interested in trips to wildlife refuges, national parks, and other natural areas outside of big cities. Additionally, they are interested in traveling to these destinations in a sustainable manner. 3. Micro Trips. 2019 will be the year of 'bite sized travel' or squeezing in more curated travel itineraries into shorter time frames. Improvements in flight routes and cheaper travel options as well as on-demand car rentals and easily bookable accommodations have contributed to micro trips becoming increasingly more popular and varied. Additionally people are interested in the opportunity to stay in unique types of accommodations during short getaways. 4. Volunteer and Learning Vacations. Generation Z travelers are interested in acquiring life skills while on vacation. Trips with a purpose will become more popular in 2019 with people considering taking part in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill, followed by a volunteering trip and international work placements. 5. Multi-Generational Travel. People taking multi-generational trips is nothing new to travel trends but it will only continue in 2019 as more families are opting to get the whole family together away from home to unplug and reconnect.

Always Think Big, Kate Kate Lessman President / Founder Think Big Media PR

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