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Think Outside The Box For Your Next Media Event

It’s challenging to plan and execute media events. We are often working to bring as many journalists as we can to our events and manage the expectations of our bosses or clients. However, with journalists wearing multiple hats and having limited time it’s hard for them to breakaway for a long lunch or a day’s activity. As we all know, making it worthwhile and compelling for media is the key to increase attendance at media events. One way Think Big has had successful media events for our clients is to combine clients in different industries or partner with another group to offer journalists multiple stories for attending the event. For example, we’ve executed several press events with outdoor products at a destination or resort. Media can experience an activity at a destination while testing a product and often get multiple stories on each company and destination. It’s cost effective, as the two groups will split the costs and you can leverage each other’s media contacts if you like. Plus, there is no competitive overlap. This is just one example but there are several other options out there if you get creative and mix up your standard media event formula. Always Think Big,


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