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4 Social Media Trends in Travel and the Outdoors to Include in Your 2019 Strategy

Social Media is continuing to grow and evolve. However, as the old saying goes ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’ It’s important to keep an eye on new trends but the importance of creating authentic, compelling and creative content is paramount. Here are some of the top trends for 2019 that best apply to the travel and the outdoor industries. 1. Ordinary Content Isn’t Good Enough Anymore. With more companies and destinations competing for attention these days on social channels it’s imperative to create quality, compelling content with great visuals. There are easy low-cost ways to achieve this through learning video editing basics, using graphic design templates and stock photo websites to make your content visually appealing that will drive engagements and conversions on your social channels. 2. The Importance of Video and Social Media TV Continues. The rise of video on social channels is old news but it’s still continuing to grow. According to recent Facebook statistics, 71% of people have increased their online video viewing over the last year and by 2020, over 75% of the world's mobile data traffic will be video. In 2019, there are more options to showcase videos that can drive improved engagement, including Instagram’s IGTV and Facebook and Instagram Stories and Live features. Facebook Live broadcast watch times have quadrupled over the past year. Additionally FB Live videos typically receive six times as many interactions as regularly posted videos as they rank higher in users newsfeed. If you haven’t done so already begin to experiment or continue to build a live-streaming Facebook and Instagram strategy. 3. Discover Authentic Micro-Influencers. The best influencers aren’t always the ones with the most followers. Working with the right Instagram influencers to promote your brand can be tremendously beneficial. Seek out relevant ‘micro-influencers’ that resonate with your brand and those who are honest and relatable. These influencers will have more positive impact on your brand and can be more cost-effective than celebrity influencers with larger followings.

4. Pay to Play is Increasingly Important. It’s time to start treating Facebook like a paid advertising platform. For example, in 2012, brands could expect, on average, that 16% of their fans would see their Facebook updates, in 2018 with Facebook’s algorithm change that plunged to a meager 6%. A small social media budget can go a long way with correct targeting, ad testing and adjusting to see what’s performing well and boosting well performing posts.

Always Think Big, Kate Kate Lessman President / Founder Think Big Media PR

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