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Peak Ski Company Unveils its Complete Line of 2023/24 Season Skis

Kate Lessman

After its first year, Peak has already ascended to the top of the ski industry’s most respected media outlet ski rankings in North America

After its first year, Peak has already ascended to the top of the ski industry’s most respected media outlet ski rankings in North America


BOZEMAN, Montana (Aug. 24, 2023) – Peak Ski Company revealed its expanded and enhanced 2023/2024 line of six all-mountain skis today, all of which have received critical acclaim by some of the most respected gear guide publications in the industry. Based on customer feedback, Peak’s 2023/24 skis are available in more lengths and all include Peak’s proprietary Keyhole Technology™.  An innovative design feature, Keyhole Technology™ is a unique below-the-surface cutaway that is central to Peak skis’ unique performance.


“Ultimately, Bode’s and my goal was to develop high performance skis for literally all ability levels and, relative to that goal, we’ve really been encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response from our customers,” said Andy Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Peak Ski Company. “Additionally, we understand that the soon-to-be published reviews from the industry’s leading media outlets see it the same way, which is all quite gratifying, but we’re truly just getting started.”


“Using my 25 years of experience as a professional ski racer, Andy, the Peak team and I set out on a mission to develop skis that advance the sport by changing the way people ski. Our intense focus on performance and precision coupled with are several innovative design features, including Keyhole Technology™ makes skiing fundamentally easier and allows skiers to quickly gain confidence on their skis,” said Bode Miller, co-founder and chief innovation officer of Peak Ski Company. “This year’s lineup builds on the success from that mission.”


The 2023/2024 models include:


Peak 88 by Bode: 30% off-trail, 70% on-trail. A go-to tool for groomer skiers, but arcs fall line turns off-trail too. Available in 160, 168, 176, 184 cm.

Peak 98 by Bode: 50% off-trail, 50% on-trail. An all-mountain quiver killer that is versatile on- and off-trail, in powder, crud, chalk, or corn, it’s nimble and floaty enough for all but the deepest of resort days. Available in 160 (new), 168, 178, 184, 190 (new) cm. Peak 104 by Bode: 70% off-trail, 30% on-trail. An East Coast powder ski and an all-mountain ski out West with a surf-like feel. It can rip corduroy but performs at its best off-trail. Available in 160 (new), 168, 178, 184, 190 (new) cm.Peak 110 by Bode: 80% off-trail, 20% on-trail. A powder ski designed for the deepest days but allows skiers to rip turns in-bounds, too. Available in 168 (new), 178, 188 cm.


Peak 98 by Dav and Peak 104 by DavWith the addition of Chris Davenport to the Peak Ski Company executive leadership team, the original Peak 98SCs and Peak 104SCs have transitioned to the Peak 98 by Dav and Peak 104 by Dav. The rebranding reflects the true “ski everything everywhere” character of these adventure skis epitomized by Dav. They share the same rocker profile as the 98 and 104 by Bode, but are lighter weight and perfect for inbound hikes, the backcountry, or smaller skiers looking for a softer flex.  


Keyhole Technology™

All Peak Skis feature Keyhole Technology, a unique oval cutaway in the top layer of aluminum-titanium alloy that allows skiers an easier turn initiation and the ability to alter turn shapes at will. Peak is the first company to offer skis that are perfectly balanced for every user in all lengths, with proper flex and accessible power built into each ski.


Peak Ski Company launched in spring 2022 by co-founders Bode Miller and Andy Wirth and is the first, at-scale, direct-to-consumer ski company in the United States. All 2023/2024 models of Peak Skis are available to reserve now for $1,090. Learn more and purchase at

About Peak Ski Company, LLC

Proudly born of the mountains of Southwestern Montana and from the vision of its co-founders, Andy Wirth and Bode Miller, Peak Ski Company is rooted in innovation. A direct-to-consumer, high performance ski and brand platform, Peak Ski Company’s 2022/23 line of six skis have already been declared among the best skis available on the market based on the ingenuity and experience of the product design and development team led by legendary alpine ski racer, Bode Miller. Learn more at



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