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Gear Junkie: Never Lose Your Skis Again: Peak Ski Company to Include Built-In Tracking Technology

Will Brendza

Nothing will give you a headache faster on the mountain than losing or misplacing your skis.Maybe you’re caught in a tree well and the ski disappeared into its depths. Maybe you had a brake malfunction and a ski took off down the mountain on its own. Or, maybe you just put it down on a rack during a busy day on the slopes and can’t for the life of you remember where.

These things happen.

And understanding the frustration that comes with such a situation (and possibly the expense if your skis stay lost), Peak Ski Company has come up with a solution. The Montana-based ski company founded by Andy Wirth and Bode Miller partnered with the tracking technology company Pebblebee to design a ski that you can track, with your phone.

The PEAK Lôc8 makes it much harder to lose or misplace skis. And, needless to say, it also could deter would-be thieves.

“After years of work on the concept and the development criteria, we are thrilled to unveil PEAK Lôc8 to our community of customers and the world of skiing,” said Wirth, CEO of Peak Ski Company.

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