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Elevation Outdoors: Outdoorists Are Going to Dig This New Tech

Aaron Bible

PEAK Ski Introduces New Ski Location Technology

Peak Ski Company and its strategic partner Pebblebee unveiled PEAK Lôc8, a first-of-its-kind locating and tracking device that will be embedded within certain models of Peak Ski Company’s 2023/24 line. 

Lôc8 provides skiers the ability to “locate” their skis by connecting a phone or tablet to the PEAK Lôc8 device integrated within each Peak ski. PEAK Lôc8 is wirelessly rechargeable, and the technology is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. 

The licensing of this new technology is a result of Peak’s extensive development work with Pebblebee, a leader in technology associated with integrated tracking and locating solutions.

“After years of work on the concept and the development criteria, we are thrilled to unveil PEAK Lôc8 to our community of customers and the world of skiing,” said Andy Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Peak Ski Company. “At the center of Peak’s ethos is innovation, and this announcement is the first expression of the many strategic innovations on which we are working. PEAK Lôc8 will help skiers locate their skis if lost in deep snow or if they have trouble finding them on a busy day at a resort’s base area or lodge. It also serves as a remarkably effective theft deterrent.”

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